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Gallery - Atlanta landscaping Photos

Custom Run-In Shed/small barn for County Vocational School in Forsyth County

Our Series of Custom Structure Designs and DetailsForsyth County's Denmark High School has requested a unique custom structure from Flowering Field Designs. The concept is to shelter a variety of animals with a structure that allows birthing and care of large and small critters...

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Road View Screening in an Equestrian Neighborhood in Cumming, GA

Our Series of Custom Structure Designs and DetailsWe leaped at the Leyland Cypress as the evergreen of choice (a.k.a xCupressocyparis leylandii). The growth rate is 3ft per year, reaching 60ft high and 12ft in diameter with tight deer-proof foliage. Our Landscape Design and planting services included a curved double-planted row of 25 12-14ft specimens. About 8 years later...

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Our Series of Custom Structure Designs and Details

Our Series of Custom Structure Designs and DetailsThe attached sketches and photos show various stages of our Custom Structure design process. After the initial customer contact, we generate a series of trial design ideas. First via photos and computer imaging, and finally by 3D drafting of the agreed structure with transparent walls, foundations, custom window boxes, windows, and doors. The sketches help the decision and delivery process with continual assurances that the requested features are on-track with the customer's vision.

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