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Elegant North Atlanta Landscape Lighting in Cumming, GA

The "after-work" hours are times to enjoy your landscape. We use digital photos to plan an array of Landscape Lighting.   A dusk-like mask is applied to your home and site photos.  Lighting designs are developed by "erasing" the mask on key plants and facades.  Moreover, we overlay branch shadows on your walks and drives to show the impact of our moonlighting techniques. We place fixtures so they don’t glare at you; rather, they show only their lighting impact.

The scale of your site will guide the use of low-voltage fixtures alone or a mix of high and low-voltage together.  As usual, a tour of your site and our discussion will decide the majority of design questions.

Finally, the top-view site drawings are used to design wiring runs for optimal lamp life and wiring reliability. We use soldered splicing "hubs" to minimize failure points. Marine-grade wire with cast bronze and copper fixtures complete the plan for reliable lighting. "As built" documentation is included in your contract along with 1-year's free maintenance. The photos below are examples of great lighting design. The first photos are examples of using plant shadows to enhance your architecture, walks, and drives.

Our North Atlanta Cumming, GA Services

  • Moon Shadow Lighting
  • Exterior Facade Lighting
  • Walkway lighting
  • Wi-Fi Control of your lighting scenes


If you are looking for Atlanta landscaping Lighting, please call Flowering Field Designs at 770-241-6301 or complete our online request form.