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Your Duluth Lanscapers

Duluth landscaper

Duluth Landscaping projects are complex creatures that require qualified professionals to conduct on time, within budget, and on par with lofty expectations. Simply put, choosing the right landscape design company can make the difference between bitter disappointment and a lifelong investment that will have the neighbors whispering with envy.

At Flowering Field Designs, we're Duluth's favorite landscaping company with over 20 years of experience in the industry. Though we began our journey with a large farm in New Jersey, we're providing our same great services here in the Northside Atlanta area. Our experienced landscaping team consists of licensed, insured professionals who make the landscaping projects and other services easy for you. We are skilled experts at making landscapes look like masterpieces throughout all four seasons.

Professional Landscape Design in Duluth

Professional Duluth landscaping design is the beginning of our process and we give you the best in the Duluth area. Our professional Duluth landscapers give you options you're going to love! We have the ability to show you a digital rendering of your landscaping options with our 3D Design and Drafting services.

When we plan your landscape changes, we'll use the latest in technology to bring your several options to life digitally so you can see exactly what the plan would look like when completed. This is a technical process that we have plenty of experience with which utilizes the latest technology for home design and drafting.

Your property is scanned and detailed digitally and the landscape options put in. After you choose the options you like, we can print out a document that you can use for any number of things including as a design plan to submit with permit applications.

Professional Landscaping Services in Duluth

Regardless of what some Duluth landscaper will have consumers believe, there is a distinct difference between makeshift companies and seasoned landscaping operations. The landscaping industry has one of the highest company turnover rates in the nation when compared with other small businesses.

The reason? For every first rate Duluth landscaping company, there exists numerous "shovel and a truck" companies, which are unlicensed, uninsured, and unable to make good on warranties due to the short life of the company.

Plus, many are just sole proprietors with lawn care experience trying to make a living, which we understand, but unfortunately for the homeowner there's risk for substandard workmanship, accidents on the property, ensuring workers, living up to safety measures, permitting requirements, and more considerations that the contractor doesn't have the means to deal with.

Cabanas For Your Duluth Home

There's nothing like a great little Cabana in the back yard for poolside activities. Our Duluth Cabanas are finished on the inside and built with high quality craftsmanship. Many homeowners use the Cabana as a pool side structure to provide shade, bathrooms, dressing rooms for swimmers, kitchenette's, bars, or full kitchens, and more. But you can utilize this finished structure for whatever you need including a guest house or potting shed. We have a large selection of building types so be sure to peruse your options. Our Duluth landscapers also give you many color and style choices which makes it even easier to match your home's architecture, color, and style.

If you are looking for a Duluth landscaper, call A Flowering Field Designs at 770-241-6301, or fill out our online request form.

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